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Bully Prevention Open House on the 15th

Kick Masters Karate (with partners Allegany Radio Corporation and the Allegany County Board of Education) is proud to announce our Third Annual back-to-school, Bully Prevention Open House, planned for Saturday, November 15th from 10AM-Noon. Of course we will have the usual games, balloons, goodies, free gifts, trendy swag, demonstrations, and unbeatable FUN! But more importantly, recent statistics show that bullying throughout the US has reached epidemic levels, and in our community, we want to do something about it. During this open house, we will teach elementary/middle school children proven ways to eradicate bullying through methods involving both prevention and protection. Children will learn a series of steps for handling one-on-one altercations, verbal group bullying, conflict resolution, cyber-bullying, tips for stopping friends from being harassed, and, we will even give parents the tools necessary to handle bullying when it happens to their child. This will be one of our largest events we’ve ever hosted, and with your help, will be one of the most effective steps in bringing a culture of positivity to our community. More details to follow, but make plans to be here on the 15th…it just may change the trajectory of your family’s schooling experience! And one more thing, it’s FREE!

Welcome New Visitors:

My name is Master Rick Rando and I am the owner of one of the most successful traditional Tae Kwon Do schools in the State of Maryland. For over 22 years, I’ve been nurturing our phenomenal students with physical and character building tools only found in martial arts. With the skills and attributes developed right here on our training floor, your children will transform themselves into productive members of their schools, church groups, and neighborhoods. They will become the leaders of their classrooms, positive trend setters in their peer groups, and physical standouts in the various other sports in which they may already be involved.  If you're a teen or adult, we can show you how to defend yourself in almost any situation, teach you the characteristics of a self-motivated, independent individual, and how to goal set in your weight-loss journey.

More specifically, our program will:

  • Build Morals and Character
  • Encourage the Indomitable Spirit
  • Build Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Encourage Responsibility and Commitment
  • Promote Physical Strength and Agility
  • Mold Leaders and Good Citizens
  • Develop Self-Control
  • Instill Discipline and Respect
  • Build Focus and Self-Motivation
  • Develop Coordination, Stamina, and Energy
  • Build Body Flexibility and Conditioning
  • Develop a Confident, Versatile Athlete